The Complete Painter: Lessons from the Masters

Books and More: 1. Drawing

This section has three sub-sections -

1.1 Drawing: General

1.2 Drawing: Linear Perspective

1.3 Drawing: Figure Drawing and Anatomy

Three asterisks *** denote free materials

1.1 Drawing: General

Aristides, Juliette. Classical Drawing Atelier

_________. Lessons in Classical Drawing

Bothwell, Dorr, and Marlys Mayfield. Notan: The Dark-Light Principle of Design

Boyer, Sheri Lynn. Art Instruction Blog ***

Brody, David. How to Draw

Chaet, Bernard. The Art of Drawing

Character Design ***

Curtis, Brian. Drawing from Observation

Eagle, Ellen. Pastel Painting Atelier

Enstice, Wayne, and Melody Peters. Drawing: Space, Form and Expression

Faber, David L., and Daniel M. Mendelowitz. A Concise Guide to Drawing

Goldstein, Nathan. The Art of Responsive Drawing

Guptill, Arthur L,. Drawing with Pen and Ink and a Word Concerning The Brush

_________. Freehand Drawing: Self-Taught with emphasis on the techniques of different media

_________. Rendering in Pen and Ink

_________. Rendering in Pencil

_________. Sketching and Rendering in Pencil ***  

_________. Sketching as a Hobby

Hamm, Jack. Drawing Scenery: Landscapes and Seascapes

_________. First Lessons in Drawing and Painting

_________. How to Draw Animals

The J. Paul Getty Museum. Elements of Art ***

The Kennedy Center. Formal Visual Analysis ***

Lee, Stan. How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way ***

Loomis, Andrew. Fun with a Pencil

_________. Successful Drawing

McArdle, Thaneeya. Art is Fun ***

Mendelowitz, Daniel M. Drawing

Mendelowitz, Daniel, David L. Faber, and Duane Wakeman. A Guide to Drawing

Rockman, Deborah. Drawing Essentials

Sale, Teel, and Claudia Betti. Drawing: A Contemporary Approach

Rousar, Darren R. Cast Drawing Using the Sight-Size Approach

Smagula, Howard J. Creative Drawing

Stevens, Peter, S. A Handbook of Regular Patterns

Young, Cliff. Drawing Drapery From Head to Toe

1.2 Drawing: Linear Perspective

Auvil, Kenneth W. Perspective Drawing

Cole, Rex Vicat. Perspective for Artists

Cole, Rex Vicat. Perspective for Artists ***

D'Amelio, Joseph. Perspective Drawing Handbook

Montague, John. Basic Perspective Drawing

Norling, Ernest R. Perspective Made Easy

Robertson, Scott, and Thomas Berling. How to Draw

Veltman, Kim H. Linear Perspective and the Visual Dimensions of Science and Art

1.3 Drawing: Figure Drawing and Anatomy

Bridgman, George B. Bridgman's Complete Guide to Drawing from Life

Brown, Clint, and Cheryl McLean. Drawing from Life

Goldstein, Nathan. Figure Drawing

Hale, Robert Beverly. Master Class in Figure Drawing

_________. Lectures on Artistic Anatomy and Figure Drawing

Hale, Robert Beverly, and Jacob Collins. Drawing Lessons from the Great Masters

Hamm, Jack. Cartooning the Head and Figure

_________. Drawing the Head and Figure

Loomis, Andrew. Drawing the Head and Hands

_________. Figure Drawing for All It's Worth

Reed, Walt. The Figure

Thomson, Arthur. A Handbook of Anatomy for Art Students

Vanderpoel, John H. The Human Figure

Visiblebody. Muscle Premium

Winslow, Valerie L. Classic Human Anatomy

David Brody, 2019, after Charles Bargue, Cours de dessin, Torse antique

From The Complete Painter: Lessons from the Masters, Lecture 12