The Complete Painter: Lessons from the Masters

Books and More: 2. Painting

This section has four sub-sections -

2.1 Painting: General

2.2 Painting: Oil Painting

2.3 Painting: Watercolor

2.4 Painting: Websites

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2.1 Painting: General

Albala, Mitchell. Landscape Painting

Bouleau, Charles. The Painter's Secret Geometry: A Study of Composition in Art

Carlson, John F. Carlson's Guide To Landscape Painting

Cembalest, Robin. How Edward Hopper Storyboarded Nighthawks ***

Churchill, Sir Winston S. Painting As a Pastime

Constable, W. G. The Painter's Workshop

McArdle, Thaneeya. Art is Fun ***

Neddo, Nick. The Organic Artist

Pumphrey, Richard. The Elements of Art

Price, Michael. Renaissance Mysteries, Volume II: Proportion and Composition

Robertson, Jean, and Craig McDaniel. Painting as a Language

Rousar, Darren R. Cast Painting Using the Sight-Size Approach

Webster, Sandy. Earthen Pigments

2.2 Painting: Oil Painting

Aristides, Juliette. Classical Painting Atelier

Elliott, Virgil. Traditional Oil Painting

Guptill, Arthur L. Oil Painting Step-By-Step

Wilcox, Michael. Glazing

2.3 Painting: Watercolor

Guptill, Arthur L. Watercolor Painting Step-By-Step

Mackenzie, Gordon. The Complete Watercolorists Essential Notebook

Reardon, Michael. Watercolor Techniques: Painting Light and Color in Landscapes and Cityscapes

Robinson, Mario Andres. Lessons in Realistic Watercolor

2.4 Painting: Websites

Painters' Table ***

Painting ***

Painting OWU ***

Painting Perceptions ***

Painting: Powers of Observation ***

Perceptual Painters ***

Wet Canvas ***

David Brody, 2019, after Edgar Degas, The Ballerina, c. 1876

From The Complete Painter: Lessons from the Masters, Lecture 29